Michael C. Altman, CN, RH (AHG) MIIS

Michael is a Certified Nutritionist and peer-reviewed registered herbalist certified by the American Herbalists Guild.  Michael has been in practice for 18 years during which time he’s helped people navigate their way through cancer, complex neurological diseases and various chronic health concerns.  He witnesses frequent regression and reversal of a wide range of conditions among his clients, from respiratory and cardiovascular, to digestive, immune, cognitive, muscular-skeletal, vision, pulmonary, GI, skin, infectious, reproductive, overweight, diabetes, and other issues.

Though he continues to consult in integrative oncology and alternative medicine clinics on both coasts, Michael maintains a nationwide and international practice by phone, through Skype and Face Time.  He also now offers in-person and house call appointments from Seattle and whenever possible to anyone seeking his services, on a sliding scale.  Michael recently moved on from a near 15 year practice with the Mederi Centre for Natural Healing in Ashland, OR, where he has long empowered clients to manage cancer as a chronic disease.  He continues to recommend testing for recently discovered targeted medicines as well as unique approaches using other long used, safety-established drugs.  Most importantly, Michael combines botanical medicine and nutrition, a most powerful alliance and synergy--including practitioner-grade supplements--into treatment protocols.  As practitioner and advocate, Michael guides his clients through various conventional cancer interventions enabling them to maintain vitality and quality of life. 

Michael has worked with people with the full range of cancers affecting all different regions of the body and routinely helps them overcome anemia, pain, fatigue, cardiovascular, skin, oral, GI and neurological symptoms, such as neuropathy and “brain fog,” often associated with conventional cancer treatment.  He also transitions clients back to an active, athletic lifestyle and helps them with energy, sleep and plans for increased physical activity and healthy diet.  His view of a conservative treatment approach includes helping clients avoid unnecessary and often physically, emotionally, and immunologically costly procedures and drug treatments, while seeing dramatic and quick results with his client-specific individualized approach.

Michael teaches future nurses, naturopaths, health educators, and assorted practitioners through the nutrition and environmental health classes he instructs at Southern Oregon University.  He explores not only the nutritional piece of cancer treatment with an in depth emphasis on wild, whole/organic and “super” foods, but also the environmental connections, the “exposome” of various environmental hazards with which we cross paths.  Michael brings this classroom experience to his clinical practice, and conveys the latest clinical trials, as well as ancient herbal traditions, in layman’s terms, pointing out research and utilizing clinically studied supplements and herbs in his science-based approach.  He utilizes many unusual herbs, such as the adaptogens, to support immune function, muscle gain, and to strengthen the heart and normalize endocrine function, while minimizing the adverse effects of stress.   He employs herbs and medical nutrition therapy through a rational system he has honed to optimize client response.

Before earning his Master’s, Certified Nutritionist certificate, and peer-reviewed status as a professional member of the American Herbalists Guild, Michael trained through various herbal and nutritional programs and internships after graduating from Emory University in 1990.  Michael has a Master’s degree from Southern Oregon University with a focus on health and nutrition.  He also completed herbal medicine training at the Open Center in New York, the National Institute of Nutrition Education Certified Nutritionist program, and various internships including herbal medicine training at Herb Pharm in Southern Oregon and San Cristobal, Chiapas, Mexico.  He’s participated in ongoing integrative oncology bi-monthly roundtable meetings since 2001 and is an innovator in the field of integrative oncology, neurology and cardiology.