Michael teaches his clients to harness targeted diet therapy and provides high potency and concentrated botanical extracts, practitioner-select nutritional supplements, and his newly developed Phytopourri Botanicals products.  Michael borrows timeless concepts from traditional healing systems including European, Chinese, Ayurvedic, African, Middle-Eastern, Nordic, Native American, and Mayan Medicine.  




Michael's diverse understanding of herbs and nutritional support specific to individual needs allows his clients to better tolerate chemotherapy.  They also recover from surgery more quickly, with fewer complications and generally respond with minimal side effects through all kinds of treatment and convalescence--or avoid conventional care altogether.

Like many of us, Michael has seen cancer up close in his own family and among friends and understands the stress, waiting, and lack of control common after diagnosis with cancer.  As a result, he's developed NANAHIM (sounds like Anaheim) “Neo-Adjuvant Nutrition and Herbal Integrative Medicine.”  The “neo-adjuvant” part of the NANAHIM clinical methodology is that all individuals with cancer and other diseases that may be treated with toxic drugs, surgery or other potentially risky treatments should be nutritionally and botanically supported soon after diagnosis.  NANAHIM serves ideally to boost well-being and vitality with lifestyle changes--prior to any and all other treatment--whenever possible. 

NANAHIM not only allows people to better tolerate any conventional treatment, including unexpected hospitalization, radiation, and cytotoxic or antibiotic drugs.  In many cases, the approach sufficiently improves an individual’s health status to delay the need for more complex oncology or other conventional care by slowing cancer progression without drugs, for example, or at least establishing a synergy allowing them to work better with fewer side effects.  Delaying drug use may also push back on “chemo-resistance” that renders chemotherapy and other medications increasingly ineffective in an individual’s care.  During this time, clients can undergo cytometric, gene profiling, and other testing for best prospective results from targeted drug therapies, and to have this information available for possible future need.  NANAHIM is an answer to the fact that many people are unnecessarily pressured or rush into drug-oriented cancer treatment when they haven’t gathered enough useful information to proceed, and there's no hurry to begin.  Slowing cancer and shrinking tumors isn't the unique domain of surgery, drugs, radiation, and chemotherapy.  Moreover, botanicals, nutrition and an optimized diet can improve the upside of chemotherapy and cancer drugs.  Clinical research supports this. 

When Michael consults with you about your specific health needs and develops a plan for an array of conditions––not limited to cancer––he'll pull together all the information and synthesize a cohesive protocol, a Word document divided in sections that shows diet information--the detailed which, when, why and how of supplements and herbs to take, and lifestyle/exercise suggestions.  Various attachments about specific herbs, nutritional supplements, and other therapeutic agents accompany the plan.  There may also be topical formulas such as creams, gels, blended oils, suppositories, and other preparations.  The individualized plan is designed to alter gene expression, optimize all system function, and improve cognition, energy and “healthspan" working in harmony with and building an alliance of our body's innate intelligence and our "vital force," or "qi." 

"After working in the integrative medicine field for nearly two decades, I’ve refined a unique approach to tailor a treatment protocol with your input, working collaboratively on your plan, with or without other healthcare providers as you learn about therapeutic nutrients, herbs, avoidable pitfalls, and the bigger picture."